Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't blame the Hip-eyes

You obviously didn’t know how to play a great board game…you have to set the losing pieces on fire and plant cherry bombs under the board………

An old buddy (Billy you out there??) had one of the most Hi-Tech Virtual Reality Centers out there…and was out of business faster than Sarah Palin… So fast I never got to play with the stuff.. It was experimental, expensive and fragile, and the fee’s to play were so high it made Disney look cheap.

Arcades were some of the best places on earth……when they were dirt cheap.. I don’t think we will ever see a rebirth. I don’t think home gaming consoles will ever be replaced.


As long as you have to stare at a box (even a 56 inch one) to play a game, you’re still stuck in the last century.

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