Friday, December 5, 2008


His name is Kirby VanBurch, and he is apparently the GREATEST magician in Branson, Missouri. He also took home a top prize at the World Magician Awards this year. I laid my eyes on him and developed an IMMEDIATE crush. I mean, he's a twink that can make panthers and tigers appear out of thin air... bonus!

Well, turns out he actually has a wife. Her name is Bambi. That's right. Kirby and Bambi VanBurch. You couldn't make up a set of names like that if you tried.

So, Kirby... won't you please explain why half of your magical entourage is made up of lithe, blonde boys? Maybe Mr. VanBurch needs to give up with the illusion tricks and make a transition into escapism. And I know the first thing he can come out of...


  1. I am a close friend of Kirby and wow...
    I think you should count the crew in his troupe... hot girls fill half the positions. And his wife? wow did you check her out?

  2. it seems that Kirby & Bambi are in the process of a very dirty divorce

  3. "I am a close friend of Kirby . . ." You probably ARE Kirby. "Hot girls"??? typical closet case diversionary comment. You're not fooling anyone.

    Kirby's handshake is as flimsy as any twinky queen, straight my ass.

    Kirby's show is all old hack, he performs like he's demonstrating a used car. He appeared like drugged both times I saw him on stage and mumbles.

    Christianity and heterosexuality are his best illusions. He currently appears on the cover of the branson "Christian Times". Boy are they deluded. Good job Kirby.