Monday, January 19, 2009

9021-Uh oh...

I spent the afternoon on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills having coffee with a friend. For those of you who've never been, Beverly Hills is every bit as ritzy and pretentious as you'd think from watching Pretty Woman, but what the rest of the world isn't often told is that there are quite a lot of characters milling about, also. (My next entry will go into further detail about one such character.)

It reminded me that Beverly Hills is actually an amazing place to people-watch, and not just for the rich and fabulous or the occasional celebrity. It attracts all sorts of cliches, nutsos, and walking tragedies. An example is in the photo above - I'm not sure the photo accurately depicts just what a Beverly Hills mess this girl was, but you get some idea. (Take special notice of the hair and furry boots. It's a shame you can't make out the hue of her Sally Jesse-red sunglasses.)

Lately, I've been noticing that I run into someone I know pretty much everywhere I go in Los Angeles. Today I found my friend Mike on the street working for an organization to help the homeless, which was a pleasant surprise, and it turns out he'll be in Vegas coincidentally this weekend, as will I. (And quite a few other friends of mine.) It's gotten the point where I feel like I could go just about anywhere, totally on my own, and within minutes someone I know will show up by happenstance It makes everything feel like a little make-believe world that revolves entirely around me (not that I needed any more incentive to feel that way). It's also a little creepy and Truman Show-esque. It's probably a sign that I need to get out of Los Angeles, and everywhere else I've ever been, and go to Tahiti or something.

Another sign I should leave LA: from having coffee with a friend on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, I immediately went to have coffee with another friend on Beverly Boulevard, which runs perpendicular to Beverly Drive and actually is not in Beverly Hills. (I'd like to report that one of my friends is named Beverly, but alas, no.) Is this really my life? It's hard to believe sometimes. Not that I'm complaining - it was a completely fun and relaxing day filled with friends I saw either purposefully or by accident, minus any sort of calamity or misfortune. It just sounds so ridiculous on paper! All too pleasant and convenient. And with such a cast of ridiculous characters walking the streets as the girl above, as a Los Angeleno I can't help but wonder sometimes:

Did somebody just make all this up?

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