Monday, January 26, 2009

Great White Gay: I toldja so!

I am comfortable in my ability to tell people that a musical is horrible. However, when it comes to plays, I am a little less confident. When I first saw American Buffalo and hated it, I was nervous for the following week. What if all the critics I trust and admire said it was a tour de force? A piece of dramatic genius?

Luckily, American Buffalo got critically destroyed, and closed 7 days later.

I felt the same sort of trepidation when I came down hard on Hedda Gabler. Suffice it to say I am proud to say that my taste remains in line with those I hold in high regard. Ben Brantley's review of Hedda Gabler is even less forgiving than mine was.
With this “Hedda” it’s not just that everyone is bad. It’s that they’re all bad in their own, different ways. At times you feel that because of some confusing detours in the back alleys of Broadway, actors who were meant to be in — I dunno, anything from “Grease” to “Equus” — showed up at the wrong place.
Deep sigh of relief there. I am not an un-cultured clod! I know what I'm talking about! Hedda really is a pile of crap!

Oh, and before signing off... a bit of excitement to share. The 10-year-old boy inside of me who is still a huge Michael Jackson fan (no pedo jokes!) is skipping and somersaulting with glee.

Michael Jackson's Thriller is going to be a musical!

Could it be tragic? Sure. But I'll STILL be seeing it!

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