Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grey Gardens v George Bush, and Pippin's Coming Back!

When you think about it, the tragedy of Grey Gardens - its senile inhabitants and the shithole they created of a once-great mansion is very similar to what the Bushes of Tex did to the White House. I suppose it is fitting, then that Tony winner Christine Ebersole should sing a fond farewell to George W. Bush on The Colbert Report.

Check it out right here

In additional Broadway news, I am excited to see that one of my favorite "classic" (in quotes because it is classic to someone my age) broadway tuners Pippin is making a comeback on the West Coast.

And it is doing so in an experimental and interesting way. It's not modernized. It isn't with puppets. But it is choosing to take care of the magic it has to do with an intriguing cast:
Director Jeff Calhoun and Deaf West Theatre follow their popular hits, Sleeping Beauty Wakes (Ovation Award winner) at the Douglas and Big River at the Taper, by transforming this beloved classic into a wildly theatrical and original musical event featuring deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing actors as voice and American Sign Language are interwoven with music, dance, and joyous storytelling.
I pray for its success. As much as I love being near Broadway and the center of all things theatrical, we often miss out on shows that can't open the purse strings of the millionaire elite enough to transport their production Eastwards. I'm speaking specifically of the revival of The Wiz, which I REALLY wanted to see for myself. And what about the revival of The Who's Tommy? Is it still coming to Broadway? I just don't know.

So good luck, Pippin. May your leading players and sign language choreography be novel and touching enough to guarantee you safe passage to the Great White Way, versus an odd and useless novelty that dissolves as quickly as Pippin's foolhardy dreams.


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  1. Is it wrong that I just don't feel like shelling out $XX.XX to hear deaf people singing? It's a risk I'm just not willing to take.