Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Morning is for sharing.

I'm not sure if any of you wonderful readers are poetry fans, but I sure as hell am. Which makes me suspect that maybe some of you are too? As I was heading into the office today one of my favorite poems popped into my head. I love this poem. I keep thinking that my next tattoo will be a poem, and really I'm thinking it will be this one.



Trying to walk
the same way
to the same store
takes high-wire
each step
not exactly
as before
risks chasms
of flatness.
One stumble
alone and
Few are
the willing
and fewer
the champions.

It would most likely go on my right ribcage. So then, on the subway, I wrote one of my own. This was a first draft; please be gentle. I'll go home and edit it later. 

I don't understand
why we are so comfortated
by plush tricks of words.
Is "Surf and Turf" the brown
fur of a favorite stuffed toy?
Does "Britney's Baby Blowout"
cast the glow of a favorite lamp?
My favorite are the words of wisdom
like "We don't find ourselves; we 
create ourselves." As if the warmth
of parallel structure makes it true.
We should cast off our baby blankets.
Try to sleep through the night alone.

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  1. Check out "Citizen" by Andrew Feld. It's one of the best collections I've read.