Monday, January 19, 2009

Re-Meet X!

As I shiver my ass off and hop over piles of snow and puddles of sludge, I like to close my eyes and transport myself. Thousands of miles West to where celebrities are wearing short sleeve shirts and gay bars have no roofs and their patrons gaze up into the starry sky as they drink their appletinis. To a place where you keep the windows down while you cruise down La Cienega, a cigarette in hand and the wind coming in through the moon roof.

You know, the same place where our returning co-blogger X comes from. Last time he was here we had a total blast, and I can only expect the same to happen this time.

Rest assured that this week will be filled with awkward jealous comments from me as I fight off polar bears and employ sleigh dogs to get my lunch every afternoon, and imagine X sunbathing nude without a single goosebump while getting the autographs of passing celebrities.

Oh! And thanks to co-blogger Ben from last week. Expect him to return sometime in the coming months!

My Name:
X. Alexander

My Location:
Los Angeles, CA

Why I came back to Justin Plus One:
I woke up with a horse’s head in my bed one morning and I just knew: it was either this, or exile in Sicily.

What I might blog about this time:
Ohhh, I don’t know…movies? Entertainment? Alternative energy solutions I dream up off the top of my head? Actually, this week is a fortuitous one since it sees both the presidential inauguration and the Oscar nominations. I’ll also be posting my Top 10 List of the year’s best films (no, really – I see everything worth seeing and I have impeccable taste). I’ll probably whine about a thing or two that happens to me also.

What’s happened to me since the last time I blogged:
A brief internment in a POW camp; a Pulitzer prize; a short-lived love affair with Jennifer Aniston, but it didn’t really work out. Okay, actually – nothing.

The Last Word:

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