Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes I just wanna DANCE (the history of Office Party Dance Party)

Today a co-worker sent around a funny video of some of our friends dancing around on YouTube. It made me a little teary-eyed. Nostalgic. Made me think back to my younger days at my old job. And a short-lived video series we created called Office Party Dance Party (we were aware of the redundancy).

It began with a new camera I bought, which had video recording capabilities. One day, we just started dancing in my co-worker's office:

(I still have and wear that shirt).

Then, when I posted the video to YouTube, another one of our co-workers wanted to join in on the fun. And who were we to deny?

Thus was born Office Party Dance Party 2

At this point, Office Party Dance Party had reached near-celebrity fame at the office. Everyone wanted to be involved! So this time we involved everyone including some slightly higher-up management... and coupled it with some simple choreography.

And so came Office Party Dance Party 3

And sadly, that was it. After a while, we got tired of dancing. I went and got a job elsewhere.

It makes me sad, really. I miss that crew. And the dancing. Always the dancing.


  1. I love the guy in the office with the glass door. Totally oblivious (or uninterested).

  2. OFFICE DANCE PARTY!! didn't realize how much i missed it!

    I think sir you missed your calling, you're very Bebe Neuwirth in that last video -leading the way and all that jazz

  3. @Blackout - neither! He was the camera man in the first two, and wanted to be in the background, looking like he was just working for number 3 :)

  4. That was an instant smile! I loved the woman passing in the background who looks at everyone like they've lost their mind. I garner looks like that constantly. All is is much, much too short NOT to enjoy it. Once again Thank you for the smile dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. You are the Gayest Thing I Have Seen All Week.

    And you know it takes a lot to earn that title from me.