Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christian Bale, Techno Superstar

All of these Becky Hollywood posts have me thinking of celebrities. And then today, I got something so Hollywood that I simply had to scoop her.

Have you heard Bale Out yet? It's a techno remix of the F-bomb-laden tirade that Christian Bale set off on last year, and that only recently emerged in the media.

Essentially the cinematographer walked into Bale's sight line, and Bale went kuh-ray-Z, screaming Fuck and Shit and all other bad words that it's hilarious to see the media try and deal with.

Listen to the tirade tuner right here!

Oh, and here's the original, un-techno-ed crazy freakout:

Now we just need that Lily Tomlin/ David O. Russell freakout put to R&B...


  1. That Christian Bale audio is awesome. wow.

  2. Lilly Tomlin is brilliant. I love her and that fucking movie.

    Russel and Bale need to take a time-out in Tomlin's brilliant cunt and learn some humility. Scratch that, some humanity.