Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I secretly wanna go to Japan

Guess it isn't much of a secret anymore! I've already travelled to Europe for a few months and can feel the tingles building in me for another extended stay overseas... factoring in this shitty economy, it almost seems like the perfect time to just CTRL ALT DEL for a few months (or Force Quit for you Mac fags). I secretly want to go to Japan, so I was uber-excited to see the video from a previous post for a Geisha girl to learn English.

I want to share a fav learning English video of mine as well. I know these girls have been posted before with the "SPARE ME MY LIFE" clip (that was featured on VH1), but I really find the scene/dance featured below to really speak to me.... and plus, not too many people know of its existance!

First of, diahhreah is a ridiculously hard word to spell. Secondly, this bitch must have some serious diahrea if she needs an ambulance!!!!! Really? An ambulance!??! Screw the people with heart attacks or strokes... she had a bad case of diarreah!!!!

Below you'll also find a video of the Pepto Bismol commercials... aside from the fact that these people are doing the diarrhea Macaraena, I find it entertaining! But, which dance do you like better? The Japanese girls or the PB peeps?

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  1. I really want that woman's workout outfit doing a split in the last seconds of the Pepto commercial...
    and I'm totally trying those standing crunches at the gym today