Monday, March 2, 2009

Die from my cuteness

Okay, so Justin Luke was a dyed blonde disaster. Or maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was just trying to get back to his roots (no hair dye jokes!)

My cousin (and recurring Plus One) Kristin posted a ton of old photos she scanned on Facebook. And I just had to share with you baby naturally platinum blonde Justin in all of his glory.

I assume this was at a petting zoo, unless my parents were illegally harvesting rabbits in my backyard.

Also, this explains why my Mom chases after me with lemon juice all summer - because I look awesome as a blonde.



  1. Gayest. Shirt. Ever.

    What is it, multi-colored candy corn? ;)

  2. @Chris

    Actually it looks like birds, though I can't tell.

    And I take no responsibility for what I wore up to the age of 8 :)

  3. And plastic pants?

    what I love about you JR, is you still look at the world with those kid eyes.

  4. @Jeremy

    I'll just always be a kid at heart I guess :0D