Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Plus One's "Not At SXSW Non-Wrap-up"

In honor of the closing day of SXSW 2009 Interactive, those holiest of holy days when geeks and digital celebrities alike descend upon Austin, Texas for a festival of panels, parties, and prostitution of the latest gadgets and online tools, I thought I'd give my own personalized report of some finds involving tech and the interwebs. I was initially scheduled to attend the conference myself, but in a rather sudden personal drama of Tolstoyian proportions, found myself sans Platinum Badge and safely ensconced in New York, far removed from the excitement and drunken pandemonium of Austin's Sixth Street. (NO, I am NOT bitter!) Anyway, this does not mean, however, that I did not keep tabs on new products and web tools being daily unveiled; attend numerous non-SXSW networking events via the #NotAtSXSW hashtag on Twitter; and meet tons of fabulous people who were also Not At SXSW, including the amazing Todd Sanders, whose second "imagication" provided the most LULZ of anything during the festival.

I've compiled just a few things that are new in my own little corner of the internet for your amusement, not all of which debuted in Texas over the last five days. [Full disclosure: Although I am a contributing guest writer at Mashable, it does not pay me to pimp their stories; I simply prefer its tech writers to other sites'.]


Social networking site Facebook introduced its new "lack of privacy" option, and rolled out its new homepage redesign to decidedly mixed reviews across the internets.


Social bookmarking site Digg founder Kevin Rose launched WeFollow, a user-generated Twitter Directory. Mashable's Ben Parr reported that the directory was so popular immediately after its launch that its Twitter account acquired more than 2,500 followers in less than 24 hours.


Since business cards are so 2007, and since people don't lose text messages the morning after, contxts enables professionals to share their contact information and more via SMS. The site stores a short message of up to 140 characters that includes all of your contact information associated with a single key word of your choice, and anyone with text messaging capabilities may then receive your digital business card by texting your key word to "50500". No trees destroyed. No paper to lose.


Still currently in private beta and therefore not introduced at SXSW, Daytum is a home for collecting and communicating your daily data. Begin tracking anything you can quantify and display the results immediately, or just look around and see what other members are recording. The brainchild of interactive designer Ryan Case and graphic designer Nicholas Felton (whose personal annual reports prove that he is a fan of personal data collection), it is a beautifully-designed, minimalist site that promises much as it nears its public launch.


Finally, as Brian Solis, Principal of PR and New Media Agency FutureWorks, wrote earlier today, "Dell is putting the sexy back in Windows, or maybe introducing it, with its new Adamo series of ultra-thin, style-conscious notebooks." Although I am a life-long devotee of Apple products, I must admit that even I did exactly what this laptop's name suggests consumers do: fall in love. Price starts at $1,999, and there are a host of other sexy product images in Solis' exclusive preview of it in his Flickr set. [Image above © BrianSolis.]

And those were my high points during this year's Not At SXSW!


  1. God if I had to read ONE MORE "I HATE FACEBOOK THE WORLD IS ENDING... WHAT IS A FEED! WHO'S FEEDING ME! IM NOT HUNGRY!" status update, I might have mashabled my head in a taxi cab door and instructed the driver to drag my near unconscious body down the FDR.

    Also - LOVE contxt. Of course I'm thinking more for dating than pro reasons :)

  2. Seriously. That's why I tried very hard to keep my issues with the Facebook redesign as quiet as possible so as to not add my voice to the already cacophonous din of dissent. LOL!

    Yeah I like contxt. It's so much better than those damned Moo cards that I will never have any idea why they are so popular. *scratches blond head*

  3. 2 Grand for a PC? It must come with a hell of a software package! Couldn't be me, though.

  4. @The Blackout Blog: Right? At two grand I would expect the thing to also make coffee and perform really amazing fellatio.