Monday, March 9, 2009

Re-Meet David!

Okay, so I had the weekend to get over my shotgun marriage and divorce, and I think all is well. I will miss Carla, but clearly I was never meant to be a straight man (I really thought I was!)

So what's the best way to get back into the swing of things? Well, why not welcome back a Justin Plus One alumnus - a fabulous gay man from Hell's Kitchen and a great friend, drinking buddy, and fellow twink connoisseur.

Ladies and gents, please say a happy hello to David, who makes his first return to the blog since his initial tenure in December of 2008.

I'm happy to have him back, and looking forward to a week full of cocktails, boys, and ridiculous stories.

My Name:


My Location:
Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

My Last J+1 Residency:
December 8, 2008

My Site/ Sites:
Manchattan blog


My Best Post from last time:
The Great L-O Swap

My Worst Post from last time:
Close Shave

Why I came back to Justin Plus One:
Because I loved it so much it inspired me to start a blog of my own!

What I might blog about this time:
Boys, cocktails, sex, restaurants, dates, parties and life – all in New York City.

What’s happened to me since the last time I blogged:
I started a blog of my own! Check out Manchattan.

One More Last Word:
My own blog tends to be longer stories, journal-style, of my life. J+1 is a great opportunity for me to (TRY to) keep it short and sweet: thoughts, ideas, quips and the occasional rant – but not so long-winded. Wish me – and you – luck!


  1. Yay David! 2 of my former LJ buddies in one blog! Heaven!

  2. @KK

    Hahaha it's like a college reunion hahaha.