Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And I Ran, I Ran So Far and Gay

Okay so it's hump day and most of us aren't feeling what we're doing. Be it our boring jobs, our boring classes, or that boring 30 minutes we have to wait for our assassination target to get off his plane in Wyoming. So I'm going to give you a treat: hot naked guys.

NIKE, in an effort to keep me hard and horny at work all day has released a YouTube campaign about a new type of running - FREE RUNNING or Natural Running.

In other words, running bare ass naked (and, of course, a pair of Nikes).

The camp where this training takes place is called Bear Butte (not that kind of bear, not that kind of butt.) Now, color me cynical but I don't know if I believe this is real or not! It has the makings of a ridiculous viral ad - so I'll go with that.

Bear Butte sounds like a heavenly place to go... minus the running part. Perhaps I'll write a letter to the owners and tell them that if they drop the running thing and just have all the naked people shacked up in cabins, they'd get a lot more visitors.

Now if only the video didn't discriminate against and exclude the foot fetishist population.

Bear Butte's philosophy is:

“At Bear Butte Running Camp, we take a less-is-more approach to training. We strip away the boundaries and comforts of modern society in order to embrace the inherent benefits of natural running, and use those benefits to become faster, stronger, better athletes.

Camp attendees will receive group and individual instruction in all facets of distance training and racing, with emphasis on gradually improving performance through motivation, hard work and natural motion.

To enhance personal and athletic growth, campers must be willing to shed, at least while at Bear Butte, urban conveniences not found in the great outdoors (i.e., cellphones, television, mp3 players, shorts).”

Still, not sure I believe it exists.

Anyway! Watch the clip. PS: If you have a shoe/foot fetish... half way through the 30 second video might just knock you out. Anyway, enjoy the videos - may they get you through hump day in one piece!

Oh, and do yourself a favor - blow the video up to full size and hit the "HQ-High Quality" button in the bottom right. You won't regret it one bit.

There's the short, 30-second one:

And a longer (ha!) 2.5 minute one:


  1. That reminds me of "History of the World." Yes. No No No No. Yes! No No No No. YES! No NO YES! NO NO NO NO NO NO. YES! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

  2. Hahaha awww that's such a classic! ::runs to NetFlix queue::