Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Just In - April 20-24

Welcome back to another segment of recently renamed "This Just In" (special thanks to blog (and real life) buddy David - owner of Manchattan for the re-brand). For those of you new to this, This Just In will fill you in on everything you may have missed this past week on Justin Plus One. Here we go!

This week I welcomed on gorgeous gay Manhattanite comedian Shawn Hollenbach. Wasting no time (and immediately impressing me) Shawn launched an all-out rant on Facebook etiquette. I followed up - not with another rant - but with my official, fawning review of 9 to 5 the Broadway musical.

Shawn, picking up on my positivity, shared with us his favorite up-and-coming actress, Monica Potter.

And, because I can't be positive for too long, I began Tuesday with a post on the recent fast food fracases including the Domino's ass cheese and Taco Bell four-way. This week went down in infamy when Miss California told the world that gays shouldn't marry, so Shawn weighed in on the pageant contestant.

Inspired by Shawn's upcoming Miss Fag Hag pageant, I looked into the nicknames that gay men give their ladies.


On Wednesday I started off the blog with a treat - hot, naked, running men in a new Nike campaign. Shawn continued with the positive vibes by telling us why he loves gay men.

Because I can't be positive for too long, and it takes me at least a day to absorb anything, I finally weighed in on Miss California by proclaiming FUCK GAY MARRIAGE. Shawn, for fear of J+1 getting too heavy shared with us some gold lame and Europop.

Live from the office, Shawn gave some strict rules on the proper fonts to be used in the workplace. Amazed by how violent designers can get, I posted on the much maligned font, Comic Sans.

Shawn and I then participated in a bit of eExhibitionism - first with Shawn showing us some of his hilarious comedy work, and then me with some of my recent indy YouTube projects.

On the final day of Justin Plus One, Shawn kicked off the festivities with a half-review of HBO's Grey Gardens. On a ranting hump, I then yelled at HBO for not making Grey Gardens a musical.

Turning things around, I shared a bit of cheer - namely the sexy and shirtless CaptainL0ver of YouTube with his latest sign language single, If U Seek Amy.

And then, through tears and sorrow, Shawn said his goodbye.

And there you have it, lovers. Another fun-tastic week on Justin Plus One comes to a close. See you bright and early tomorrow morning with our new Plus One!


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