Friday, April 24, 2009

Web Celebs: SIGN me up!

Almost one month ago TO THE DAY I introduced the lot of you to CaptainL0ver, a YouTube web celeb. And you loved him. How could you not? He looks like Freddy Prinze Jr. He knows fluent sign language, which he uses while dancing SHIRTLESS to Britney Spears.

Really, it's like God, prior to creating him, went through the checklist of things that would make us fall in love with him, and checked off every box.

Well, aren't we a lucky bunch? Because CaptainL0ver has released YET ANOTHER Britney Spears sign language video. And this time he's more shirtless than ever!

And it only helps matters that he's dancing to my Slutty Spring Anthem!


  1. a) He's definitely in NYC. That looked like a subway stop in Brooklyn. Let's stalk him.

    b) I don't think he ever actually signed "If You Seek Amy" in the video. For a sec, I was wondering if deaf people got the cleverness of that song. Then I remembered they can't hear.

    c) I love the looks he as getting from the random people on the train.

  2. Kareem,

    He's actually thanked by deaf folks in the comments because each time the line happens, he goes split screen: on the left he is signing "If You Seek Amy" and on the right he signs "F U C K me".

  3. One. Track. Mind.

    PS, he's interpreting for Lucas's show. Let's kidnap him afterwards.