Monday, June 1, 2009

The Clicker

Ok so this is my geek fantasy come true! I get to fight Buffy, the Charmed sisters, and more! I originally was going to have a Xena fight but her costume comes with a heavy price tag. One of my favorite moments was seeing tranny Piper! ROLF people!!

Thanks to Mystic Jade's new television remote control, mayhem ensues when Captain Lucky accidentally zaps himself into the television and creates havoc in several episodes.

Starring: Captain Lucky, Tiffany Thomas, Michelle Prenez, Jennifer Wenger, Chandler Poling, Thomas Mikusz, Elizabeth "Manders" Thompson, Nico Lombardo, Nora Frankovich, Ashley Cuellar and Olivier Lebourg.

Directed by Chandler Poling

Written by Captain Lucky

Edited by Ken Saba

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