Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gogo Boys for Lunch

Hey all!

Coming to you live from Chicago O Hare where I can hardly contain myself. Hey - Austin - you know what I realized? We've come full circle. Remember the first time you were a Plus One and you disappeared off the face of the fucking earth for two days and I had no idea where you were?

Turned out you had a crazy travel adventure... you were forgiven but not without a beating to teach you a lesson of course.

Well now I've had MY crazy adventure. Who would have known that going to an interior design trade fair would involve car crashes, long lost meetups, showtunes and madcap hilarity? Well I guess I should have, as nothing I do is ever boring. Hell, a trip to the library turns into an orgy, a murder spree, or both (yikes).

So I guess we're even (but you can still beat me if you like.)

Anyway, just a quick post: my newest video which I worked LONG and HARD (pun and pun) on for Splash's Campus Thursdays. In this edition, the gogo boys take to the pole - hope you like!

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