Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Afterbirthers and That Crazy GOP

I haven't spoken about the birther movement. Mostly because I just CANNOT believe that these people are for real. I mean, maybe some of them aren't for real. Maybe this is in fact a smokescreen. But it seems like they came up out of nowhere, like some babbling looney tune who randomly materializes in a shopping mall and starts ranting and raving, spit flying in all directions.

Is this almost done yet? I mean, I know a law has been passed saying Obama is an American. I know that birth announcements have been furnished.

And yet, as recently as two days ago, we had this crazy bitch appearing on MSNBC:

Orly? More like ORLY?!

Seriously... I can't. I really can't. Can someone please do something outstanding and absurd? Can swine flu come back? Maybe we can find a video of Michael Jackson robbing a bank with Bubbles in tow.

ANYTHING that will move this god forsaken 24-hour news cycle forward.

And then on the other side we have these weird astroturfed mobs screaming at Democratic law makers. Members of groups led by ex-pharma CEOs. I am SURE that there are large groups of Americans who do NOT want a public health option... because, you know... that makes a lot of sense.

WHAT IS GOING ON? Do the Republicans really think this is working for them? I'm so sick of it. Come on people!

I read plenty of articles saying that these odd tactics are pushing the GOP further to the fringe, until it will be only a deep-south-based party. I hope that's true. I'm not sure that it is.

I'd love to hear some of you comment - what do you think of the birthers? And the Obama-Care debacle? Where do you stand?


  1. y'know, as ridiculous as this bullshit is, what the FUCK is with this newscaster? Not only is his bias obvious but he is simply arguing with the interviewee. I don't blame her for being obnoxious and rude, and I'm amazed that journalism has sunk so low!

  2. Rowan, I feel sorry for the newscaster that he must indulge what would normally only be seen in The National Enquirer. I'm sure as serious tele-journalist he feels ashamed he has to even entertain these embarrassing and ridiculous accusations simply because they come from the far right.

  3. The whole birther thing is completely ridiculous. No amount of proof will ever be enough since in these peoples' mind, he is already guilty.

    I'm more upset with the astroturfers disrupting townhall meetings to prevent any legitimate discussion about health care reform. What about the people that wanted to actually give input to their congressional rep? Way to hijack democracy.

  4. Is anyone else really really amused by all the different (and oh, so clever) names liberals are giving (admittedly insane, fringe) conservative movements? Astroturfers, afterbirthers, tea-baggers. It tickles me in a way only ridiculous political anger can tickle me.

    But Lunar Apollo is right. the fact that this has even been entertained by a journalist is a farce. Then again, cable news is a farce, so we kinda had it coming.

  5. I just have to say it get's better with each viewing especially with that accent. Where is she from? Does anyone know? And why is someone who seems to be possibly from another country herself having such a passionate response to the idea that perhaps Obama is not American enough. Did she want to be president?

    Also I love teabagging!