Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you a REAL man?

What makes somebody a man?

In the gay community, this has often come into question with the harsh divide between tops and bottoms. Who's the girl? And the guy? Is one or the other masculine? Str8 acting dudes proclaim it on their dating profiles, often screaming NO FEMMES in the process.

But, to homophobic people, it doesn't matter if you're a lithe, bleached blonde backup dancer for Xtina or a buff guy with a full beard and mustache - we're all girly poofs.

This week, in the morning news, a man named Chad States has presented the definition of masculinity - at least according to the people on Craigslist. (warning, some are NOT WORK SAFE).

Says Chad:
I found all my subjects through Craigslist. I began by asking the question "Are you masculine?" in the heading. In the body of the posting I talked briefly about the project. Much to the effect of: "I am doing a photography project on masculinity. If you identify as being masculine, please get back to me."
It is quite interesting to see these men showing themselves at their most masculine, and I would go and check out Chad's website if it wasn't so logged down with the people visiting. Maybe I'll go back and check again later.

What about you?

What is a photo of you at your most masculine? I imagine mine would involve me building a house while wrestling a bear (the animal, not the gay) and maybe pleasing 6 women simultaneously. I can say this because I have decided to never pose for this photo, and simply describe it instead.


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  1. I am always hate it when people ask you to define your self in such balck and white terms. even though i am more on the femm side of things i do my share of butch activities. i remodled my whole house (every room) and did most of the work my self. True i would rather have just paid someone to do it and limited my involvement to picking out flooring and decorating it. laying 600 square feet of tile and grouting it does give you a great feeling after its all done.