Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Becky Bain's Web Video Takeover

Here at Justin Plus One, we always love to give kudos and congrats to Plus One Alums who are making their way in the real world.

This week I want to turn the spotlight over to Alum Becky Bain, who has two new (and hilarious, and true, and slightly creepy) web videos out.

The first is a mattress commercial gone terribly wrong. It takes those commercials you see where they drop tigers on top of mattresses and yet wine glasses daintily remain unmolested and turns the dial to 11.

Well, god bless Becky and the sick sense of humor that made me think I was heterosexual and should date her... this video takes it beyond the realms of good taste and right into Hilarityville. I may have fallen back in love with her and her hilarious Long Island accent in the end. Oh, and in case you couldn't tell, that's her playing the sleeping wife!

The second is a bitch-session long overdue - a big FUCK YOU to people who give you a hard time for not having seen a movie (like, in this case, The Goonies).

Hilarious, to be sure. Bravo, Becky!


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  1. I mean I would certainly buy a bed that I could kill a hooker on. that'll make a deal right there!