Monday, August 3, 2009

Glambert Gets Sexy

Now that he's officially out of the closet (with a press release cementing his status), apparently Mr. Adam Lambert is flaming up the American Idol national tour. Seriously, check out this performance of David Bowie's Fame.

Sweet Jesus, Adam! If you had pulled this out during the contest, you may have won after all. Who knew that all of that sexual effervescence was just sitting there, under the surface, waiting to bubble over?

Get it girl!



  1. His Whole Lotta Love and Slowride were epiiiiiiiiiiiiic. His voice is insane versatile and his set was just way cool. Now I know why May, Plant, Slash, Manson ETC. are fans tbh.

  2. Totally friends with one of Adam's exs... apparently he's REALLY good at a certain activity we as humans enjoy from time to time that begins with S and ends with EX. :)