Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Ship!

Take a look at this picture. What do you see there? You might say a ship. You are wrong. Because it's not actually there. Well, it was. But it isn't anymore.

Has everyone read the story about this SHIP THAT DISAPPEARED? I mean, it's old news. But the new news is that they still haven't found it.

There are two things that spook me out about this situation.

1. They lost a boat.

This blows my mind in every possible way. How is it possible to lose something as large as a ship in this day and age? A day and age where my boyfriend and I can show each other our houses, in sky view, from Google Earth. Where we can point out playgrounds at our elementary schools and see 3-dimensional representations of snack carts in Disney World?

Where we embed tracking chips in monkeys and dolphins and worms and can find them, no matter where they go?

It spooks me to shit and back and then back to shit again to realize that, despite all of our technologies and innovations, we can still somehow lose a fucking ship.

And what happened? Was it pirates? A disagreement between the ship and the person who was to pay them when they docked?

And why, all of a sudden are we losing large transports? Planes. Boats. Next thing you know, the New York Times will announce on their front page that we somehow lost Missouri. One second it was there and then POOF just water in the middle of the continent.

Watch it happen.

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