Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is THIS what a Throuple is like?


How funny that you should mention throuples. As I think you know, I was in one for a brief time. Besides cementing a really great relationship with my two ex-throuplemates, it also makes for a great cocktail party story, and a guaranteed excuse to drink during "Never Have I Ever."

Let me be frank with you: it worked and it didn't work. Jealousy? Yes. Confusion? Sure. Messy? At times. But also a great learning experience and the support system that was needed by all three of us at the time that it occurred.

But the most important thing me and the boys discovered was that there was a movie coming out about our very predicament! And no, it wasn't Shortbus with that famous Star Spangled Banner rimjob sequence starring now-musician Jay Brannan.

It's this movie called Throuple which is, by its own description:
A gay - themed psychological-thriller from In The Pink Productions.

Coming out of a bad relationship, Shane (James Townsend) finds it too easy to fall for the outgoing David (Juan Luis) after a few drinks and a night of tangled sheets. But, realizing his heart leaped too fast, it isn't long before patience is lost and a chance is given to someone new (Caleb Carter) yet again.

Now, as lives intersect and the philosophies of love are challenged, the three young men find themselves venturing into an emotional world of confusion, heartbreak, jealousy and more... It is always safe to say that three is a crowd!!!
But not even this boring synopsis does the film justice. You all NEED to watch the trailer, which features such important shots as "throuple having dinner" (twice!) and "weird masked potential killing person" and "studly latino licking a large knife."

I wonder if this movie ever came out. Maybe it's on Netflix?


  1. Leave it to the gays to be psychologically thrilled by a throuple.

  2. This calls for a Gay Movie Night. Brilliant!

  3. interview with an actual throuple!


  4. Being the writer and producer of the original film, I can say that it was never released-- as it was never finished. With three days left of shooting, the co-lead of the film, Caleb Carter, passed away.
    The film has been on the shelf since February 2009 but has recently acquired some interest to reshoot with a new cast and some rewrites, to bring it up to date with current news topics.