Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Using my love of spandex to talk about Mexican food.

Asses, spandex, and computers? Am I dreaming? Your skillful combination of three of my favorite things astounds me. I sit before you a humbled blogger.
But you know what would make it even better?Mexican food. But not just any Mexican food. Oh no. The best Mexican food you can find south of Houston, and the best cart food you can find in the city.
I am talking about none other than the Calexico Cart.
If you've never had food from the Calexico Cart, you're missing out on a huge part of life. You see, Calexico isn't just good food. It's an explosive taste bud experience that alters your very sense of what is decent in the world. Your mouth is sent on a psychedelic adventure of epic proportions, taken to places few men have the pleasure of going.
Basically, if God were to make a burrito, it might not be as good as Calexico.
So next time you're in SoHo around lunch time, stop by the corner of Prince and Wooster and allow your perception of what is possible to be expanded. It doesn't really matter what you get - every item is equally as life-changing (although I am a personal fan of the pollo asada quesadillas. The chipotle sauce is divine). And you can even stop by the Apple Store when you're done! I may just be putzing around, and any friend (or reader) of Justin's is a friend of mine.

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