Thursday, August 27, 2009

Justin Plus 1,000!

Well isn't this a happy day! According to the blogger backend to this site, this is effectively the 1,000th post on JustinPlusOne.

What can I say? Well, really, I don't think there's anything for me to say besides thanks for reading, thanks for contributing, and thanks for telling your friends to come 'round and read as well.

Remember, readers, anyone is welcome to be a Plus One. You have 10 things to say over the course of 5 days? Just drop me an IM, or an email, or a Facebook message, or throw a brick through my office window. Just let me know.

And now, to end the celebrations, here's a scary as fuck video of that fat fuck crazy person that you'd know I hate if you read my Twitter, Glenn Beck.

Watch him lose his shit. I'm so glad that this is the guy that middle America is idolizing...

PS: If any of you LIKE Glenn Beck for any reason besides he entertains you with his insanity, you can feel free to stop reading :)


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