Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Masturbate Your Way to..... Better Masturbation!

Well after seeing how women were masturbating their way to better arms I thought it might be time to brush up on my technique.....

Which led me to Advanced Masturbation.

An entirely free website with the goal of aiding men and women with knowledge and resources to help them in their mastubatory endeavors. Seriously.

Along with general information about masturbation and the health benefits includes lube evaluations, links to other "helpful" sites, and a list of slang terms and synonyms such as "wax the dolphin, stroke the salami, and polish the purple helmet."

The most robust and alluring aspect to the site however is it's rather large technique section. With over fifty techniques perfect for every penis and situation advanced masturbation can take you from an amateur wanker to one who can perfectly pull off the "backhand pelvic thrust." Now I know the best way to learn something new is to have someone right there with you holding your.... hand, but has the next best thing. Accompanied with techniques like the "pelvic thruster tease, squat and squirt, and the table hump technique," are videos, images, and flash displays. I think we all know how much more quickly men learn when we have a visual aid to guide us through the process.

Most likely none of you are still reading this and are all learning what I feel can be a wonderful and crucial skill. I however am curious which techniques are personal favorites? Are you a fan of "two full hands full?" What about "wringing it out?" Or do you tend towards the "basic fist method?"


  1. I'm just going to take it as a sign that because there are no comments no one actually made it to the end of this post without first getting distracted.