Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh, Justin

Well I'd hate to disappoint, but it really wasn't much an orgy (aside from, of course, the lovely couple in the tent next to our group. And, for the record, there is no way to get dirty in a tent without making it obvious. especially when you don't zip up the windows.)

As all gay functions are, our expedition was fueled by tequila and vodka which, after a few of each meant now and then the more ballsy of our group decided to flash a little more skin, and a few just decided to free-ball it the whole afternoon. I got disqualified from a great game of volleyball where when you fuck up you lose an article of clothing (turns out I'm still awful at all sports. shame) and spent most of the afternoon people watching. I wasn't too familiar with most of the guys there and instead decided that any nasty old hag who wanted to let her tits hang out and didn't care what anyone said was worth giving a little thought. I have mad respect for the adults who were there because I feel like that level of acceptance with your body is incredibly admirable, especially when it's gone to shit.

I go to an art school for photography, but in freshman year we were required to take all sorts of classes, including drawings. During second semester that meant nude life drawings. I wasn't much of a fan because the first few of our models were people who used to be very attractive but had gone a little to seed and didn't really want to accept that. Some of them seemed insecure and for me, that was unpleasant. Our last model, however, was a gorgeous woman named Maria. You could tell she'd had a few kids and her breasts sagged down to her bellybutton, and she had this little tattoos of fall leafs around her hip that were only a few shades off her latin skin color.

She wasn't hesitant at all and struck all sorts of poses that looked a little dance inspired, never trying to make herself seem any more or less physically attractive. She was so confident that I felt instantly she was beautiful, and every one of us enjoyed drawing her. Even over the summer I spotted some drawings of her in a friend's a apartment who'd been in a different class, and she had the same response.

So when an older woman wearing nothing at all came to have a drink with us at the beach I really had to admire that she could hang out with a bunch of gogo boys and ignore the fact that when she moved she jiggled. I think that's the kind of shit that I really respect.

I know you guys were hoping for a post detailing every furtive look and sexual advance and maybe a romp in the bushes, but I'm more of a wallflower, and the highlight of my afternoon was having a conversation with a boy who could neither speak nor hear, on his sidekick. Then, hitching a ride back to New York with a friendly gent who could hold a conversation that wasn't about me getting on all fours. (both guys mentioned are pictured above) I do apologizing for not having a post that more closely resembled a penthouse letter, but this event took place outside the club. That's a situation where I'm quiet, shy, and a loner. If there was anything that you guys were looking for, I missed it. I was off skinnydipping on my own.


  1. I love that between you and Dylan, you are debunking every preconceived notion that anyone has ever had about a go-go boy.

    Well done. And I do hope you detected the gallons of sarcasm in my previous post.

    I'll assume that you did ;0)


  2. Ahh disappointing! Just wait until Justin & I have our Beach/Orgy/Freeball party! It's going to make these pictures look like a DISNEY movie! Too bad we can't advertise that in our promos! :-P JK!

  3. Chris, if such an event should ever arise involving you, I'll be happy to reverse my perspective on this entire post.

    Justin, you can thank Dylan and myself for taking the industry down. We started at dirtypop and suddenly we're both all like "BUT I'M SMAAAAART! PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE!"