Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh those politicians and their sex...

So everyone, I would like you to meet my niece Jillian. She fun, beautiful, and the smartest person ever. This I know from only 5 months of life. She's also partially why this post is so short - because we have to go to dinner so we can be back before her bed time.
Speaking of babies, perhaps you haven't heard but John Edwards is expect to cop to being the father of the woman he screwed while his wife had cancer. This, the man the democratic party almost nominated for president, not once, but twice.
Classy guy.
Of course, he's not the only politician to cheat on his wife. There's Mark Sanford. And who could forget Larry "I swear I'm not gay I just like to solicit sex from men in bathrooms" Craig?
Cheating politicians aren't new. But more frequently I've been running into friends who say, "Why should we care about who politicians screw?"
Because, my friend, although it doesn't have an intrinsic impact on a politician's ability to serve, it does however bring into question their character. Politicians, at least theoretically, are people that we trust to represent us on a local, state, or national stage. So the question then becomes, "how can we trust our official if his wife - the person whom he has sworn his life, much less his honesty to - can't trust him?" We can't. And if we can't trust our elected officials then the system breaks down.
And at least judging from Ms. Britney Spears, breakdowns are never a good thing.

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