Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please, tip your go-go boys


I see no reason for you to stop posting about the extremely intriguing life of a go-go boy. For people like me, all we know of you is what we see - a young guy in his underwear (or less) dancing on a box.

I am so glad to have had you and Dylan on here to blog this past month. I feel that it's doing a world of good for people who have preconceived notions about go-go boys (they're idiots, they're prostitutes, etc.)

Ever since I tripped face-first into nightlife promotion, I've been able to see the truth, at least here in NYC. Most of the go-go boys that are up there on the cube are in fact students, paying their way through college. You, a photography major. Dylan, a theater major. A night ago I was speaking with Alan Picus about this, and he was proud of the fact that the boys who dance at his parties ARE in fact students, and a few of the older ones are actually graduating college (which they paid their way through by dancing).

There is much that people don't know about go-go boys. For instance, a lot of them think that you're on a company payroll. When, in fact, the truth is you mostly work for tips. Compound this with an image in clubgoers' heads of that skeevy old dude sticking a ten spot in a g-string to get a shot at poking your taint and what you end up with is a hesitance to tip a go-go boy.

When I'm working at Splash or other venues, I make it a point to encourage patrons to tip the go-go boys. I show them how it is not only okay, but it's why you are there. And what's a dollar or two when you're spending 8 - 10 bucks on a drink?

Perhaps you can do a post on the respectful ways to tip a go-go boy. Perhaps you can show people why you want them to tip you. There is so much that they don't know, or don't understand.

Educate, Rowan. Show them the light.



  1. Darlin' if you're opening up the opportunity to do so, I'd be happy to. I'll do a video farewell Saturday?