Friday, August 21, 2009

Rowan Classes it up by Getting Dressed!

So the question has been brought up- what do I look like with clothes?

Well, shit, I got no idea. Last night Alan Picus ambushed the locker room with his camera and honed in Anthony and myself. And we're like, should we take our shirts off for these? We've never taken pictures clothed!

See I don't do much with clothing to start with. My roommate and I try to leave the a/c off as much as possible so at home I just wear underwear (otherwise, I have a really cute pair of Andrew Christian booty shorts to horrify my neighbors.) Out, I wear shorts and a wife beater (I hate to sweat, so the less, the better!) and on a good day when I want to go out clubbing or hit up a party, well, snoop dogg would be proud. I always wear sneakers color coordinated to my belt buckle or T shirt with a nice pair of jeans and matching jewelry. I'm not kidding. I'll match it down my tongue ring- and of course my outfits are usually one to two colors and a metallic. It's really, truly, appallingly trashy. Right now, I'm wearing denim shorts, Steve Madden houndstooth high tops, and a black wife beater.

But today, it was hot as hell. I was tired, and running out of clean clothes. To catch the bus I settled on a green t shirt and some basketball shorts, ended up shirtless with my shorts rolled up stuck in the sun waiting for the bus to come (it was a fantastic 45 minutes late, which is a lot bigger of a deal when you're stuck in the heat!)

Tonight is the Seth Gold underwear party at Town, with Elite underwear. I have a tiny pair of briefs, and a cute baby blue boxer brief with silver stars on it- I may wear one of those, or see if they have a new pair to match my purple dancing shoes. But a picture says a thousand words. I went through all my photos taken recently, and, out of 120938409234 that I've found tagged or in my photobooth, I've discovered 4 where I'm actually so dressed that I have on a shirt.

This one was taken last christmas season, right after I got my ears pierced (strangely enough, they're my most recent piercing, I had the tongue and dermals first!)

This one I took just before my friend's 19th, towards the end of spring semester. I'd just started gogo dancing and so I guess that's why I have, like, a t-shirt on. 'Cause after all, who does that any more?


  1. woah...45 minutes late!?!

    if u live in Philly, Where do u stay between dancing @ Splash & catching the bus to D.C. ?

  2. It amuses me that the answer to my question was that you pretty much don't wear clothes.
    Also, truly appreciate the matching belt and shoes. Bravo.

  3. Andy- I typically stay the previous plus-one, Dylan. He's such a sweetie and has been only too kind to offer me his couch every damn thursday.

    Lukas- maybe in the winter I'll start wearing those freaky things like pants. and shirts. Until then, underdressed I go! (and thank you, glad someone digs my wannabe rapper style)