Friday, August 28, 2009


Well my friends, it looks like yours truly has come under attack. Don't worry, I'm not hurt - physically or emotionally - but it was brought to my attention yesterday that a few of my Facebook posts have appeared on the new Queerty-approved site, STFU Gays.

The two interactions in question are:

1. A link I posted to my article on the purported death of the twink.


2. A link I posted to shirtless pictures of Zac Efron.

But hold up, maybe you've never heard of STFU Gays.

EVER so original, this website grabs up Facebook dialogues between gay men, and couples them with uninspired, faux-witty comments. I'm not sure who the mystery gay behind the site is, as he's chosen to obscure his visage with a ninja mask (is that not gay? I think that itself is pretty gay.) But the one thing he has working for him is that the exchanges he shows ARE funny.

Mystery Gay Ninja though? Not so much.

STFU Gays has already been derided and torn down by blogger AKA William. I don't know who AKA William is, but I'd be happy to say he should probably STFU too. It's not that STFU Gays is homophobic, hateful, or prejudiced. And no, I don't think the owner is a bitter, unsexed gay.

Simply put, STFU Gays is stupid because, well, it's just not funny. It's one thing to take up the mantle and insult the times that gays become a bit too self-involved (say, by creating a blog where you make fun of other gays, claiming to hold the yardstick to measure over-gayety).

You know you're in trouble when the dumb, egotistical, stuck up gays you're lampooning are actually funnier than you are.

So STFU Gays, thanks for featuring me not once but TWICE. I look forward to seeing what other interactions you'll grab up from me. And while you're at it, Ninja GAY-den (oooh video game dorkery!) why not take off your mask? Show us the unfunny fella underneath. Something tells me no one knows who you are any way :)


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