Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the things we do

So as of late, Thursdays at Campus Splash have become incredibly competitive, (though they’ve been since I started at the beginning of the summer) and I’ve worked hard to keep up. Which puts me on this thought track thinking over all the things I do, not for the sake of my own health or vanity, but just to pay the bills.
Fortunately I've come up with a pretty pleasant diet where I eat everything I want, just a whole lot less poptarts. Then I get on the pole, practice 'til I'm sore, and presume I've worked it off.

But my roommate brought over some freaking monster arm excercising doo-hickey that, to me, looks a little like a novelty double ended dildo. (and I suppose that would be a workout of a different kind indeed) but you push it and pull it and bop it until you have bulging biceps. So last night I decided to give it a spin. Indeed, I got high as balls, popped in little miss sunshine, and in between cigarettes tried using this strange ass gismo. It's pretty excellent after all. you can hold it in front and work your (triceps, I think it is? all you personal trainers don't laugh, they're just arms to my ignorant little failed-anatomy soul) or hold it above your head and pull away form your body, where it will still work your arms, as well as your upper back and delts (which gives you that fluted swimmer build after a good long while)

I'm very pleased to say that, thanks to the carmen electro pole kit, and my roommate's freaknasty arm THING, I'm pleasantly sore today. I plan on doing it every day. And hey, one day the real boys at splash will be like, 'hey dude, where can I get a freaknasty arm thing?"

And in case it wasn't transparent enough, you could come see the results at Splash this Thursday, where every drink you buy earns you another chance to win tickets to see Britney Spears live!

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