Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Twinks From Monaco Get Frisky

So the Rowan video I posted today seems to be picking up some steam online. And part of that is I see a jump in people subscribing to my channel, as well as a number of comments. Today I received an interesting comment on the video. Not quite written in perfect english, I felt the need to see who had written the fawning praise.

Turns out the comment came from a duo of twinks living in Monaco. How do I know they're twinks? Well, I went to see what videos, if any, they had posted... and came upon a few.

It seems like these two boys can't get enough of dancing together in their underwear. The background changes, and the skimpy underwear seems to get skimpier, and change colors. And check out the EXTENSION of that smaller one! He totally pulls off a move that I've seen Rowan do.

Are they boyfriends? Were they born in Monaco? What do you call someone that lives in Monaco? A Monocoan? These are many questions to which I have no answers. I DO know that their names are Daniele and Spencer. And they are apparently dancing in a dressing room somewhere.

I am showing the boys off because, well I think you guys would appreciate them. Furthermore, judging from their low view numbers, they just need a push to bring them into the mainstream. Feel free to pass around the video because, I mean, who doesn't consider this a midday pick-me-up?

I understand that there's been a lot of boys in their underwear on the blog today. Something tells me you folks don't mind much. Think of it as the "The Man Show girls on trampolines" gay-equivalent.

Without further ado, here they are.


  1. I'm probably the only person to think so, but watching this without music is a very bizarre experience.

  2. You may need to rename this blog Justin Plus Dancing Twinks...