Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up with Dermals

I'm sure by now that you have all guessed that I'm one those people, the kind who have absolutely no concept of time. You could blame my mother, or you could just laugh when I'm late for my own funeral (which I'm sure the hearse will crash or the mortician will fuck up or something to that degree) and there will be a church full of people (full? who am I kidding!) staring at their watches and tweeting that Rowan wouldn't know what to do with a watch if it smacked his ass and called him Sally.

Instead of posting, today I took pictures. I don't think I've yet to mention that I'm a photo major, and tied with dancing, it is mostly all I care about. So here is a sampling of today's work. I have been playing lately with a macro setting (which allows you to focus on a very small point about an inch from your lens) that people use on things like flowers.

These images are, instead, of my roommate Nicole's dermal anchor.

These last images I'll leave you with are some still shots, and though I typically stick to portraiture, you'll know I'm a sneakerfreak. You remember that Kelly chick? I could eat her alive, and stomp all over her little posse. These shoes are Supra brand which I hadn't heard of until I last decided to get really, really ridiculously unnecessary shoes and ended up buying shiny, acid green kicks.

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  1. This has inspired me to write about my new camera - a medium exposure plastic Holga camera from Lomography! I'll post it tomorrow morning when I'm not falling asleep already.