Monday, August 31, 2009

Visual DNA.

I should have warned you, because I knew today would be my lamest day for posts. I had work to get done and vital (obnoxious) errands, but I pledge to Plus One better for the rest of the week.

Perhaps this fun link will redeem myself:

LA Times Visual DNA

It's super easy and fun: you just click on the pictures that most appeal to you.

For me, the quiz determined I am a Wild Cat: "You're a true original and like to live life on the edge. Quirky and just a little bit rebellious, you keep things fresh by embracing the unexpected and pushing boundaries whenever possible."


  1. Meh... tried the link, and it said it doesn't exist. :/

  2. For some reason the original link won't work, but I found a new one if you want to try again....