Monday, August 17, 2009

Who is this bitch?

Before we get started, I want to thank Justin for posting a skanktastic photo of me. It's one by Hans Fahrmeyer, who if you aren't familiar with, ought to be. He's truly incredible & I've been lucky to work with him. Check out his website HERE.

But tonight's real topic, photoshopped glory aside, is a singer named Sarah Connor. I was doing that late night youtube thing circa 2 a.m. and I stumbled across a video for "Under My Skin" (embedding is disabled) So feel free to view it HERE.

See what got me curious is it's an incredibly well produced video and it looks big budget, and really, who in the fuck has heard of little miss under-the-radar Sarah Connor? Thanks to Wikipedia I've found she's a German singer-songwriter and she debuted in 2001. She's one of the best selling artists in Germany with four consecutive #1 singles. And I still don't know who the hell she is. Yet, we've probably all heard of her before. You remember some god-awful early 2000's (2003, to be precise) song "Bounce"? Probably not, because it's in the category of all pop that's no longer on the radio- over. But this song is catchy and if you're up for some nostalgia:

She was even on Enrique Iglesias's "Takin' Back My Love," which no one has heard of, because the only version that gets played has Ciara on the track instead. See, I find it pretty fascinating that she's appeared in American music plenty of times and certainly with some good stuff, but she's really more of an unknown. I looked up some of her other songs- even ones sung in English (and a fantastic voice, no less) and have found I really can't stand the high-school-slow-dance mood of about 90% of her discography.

but really, I can't stop listening to that damn "Under My Skin," so for that, I'm taking a shot. Here's to this random ass chick getting played in the club!

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