Friday, August 28, 2009

Wi-fi? Hookers? Same thing, right?

My co-worker Jesse sent me this video just a few minutes ago and I had to share it. Remember when College Humor was the place where you went to see photos of that girl in your college class who was dancing at a titty bar, who then got kicked out of school because of those photos?

(This really happened at my college, btw.)

Well now they are regularly throwing out original (and well-written! and well-produced!) videos for us all to enjoy. In this one, someone finally took the time to create a real-world comparison to stealing free wi-fi.

A guy picking up hookers has always been funny (try it! you'll laugh, I swear.) Now throw a computer monitor on his head, and have a pimp aggressively demanding a WEP code ("WEP Shit, Motherfucker!") and you've got something funny enough to help you fight off this rainy day.


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