Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You text? YOU DIE!

I am a huge fan of blunt, horrifying advertising. As a formerly sheltered Long Island youth who learned about the big, bad world suddenly and shockingly when he went off to college, I feel that everyone needs a good dose of reality on a regular basis.

For that reason, I applaud the folks in Wales who put together this graphic, long, and horrifying public service announcement that warns moronic idiot-heads that - hey, get this! You shouldn't send a text message while you're driving!

Yes, it seems like common sense. Why would you take your eyes, as well as both of your hands, off the road and task at hand to send something while you're piloting a vehicle going at speeds of over 60 MPH?

Well, it happens. A lot. And people die because of it.

Anyway, this video wasn't intended for anyone outside of Wales. It certainly has far too much gory violence to be shown on American TV. But that certainly hasn't stopped it from spreading virally online.

I'll just stick with texting while walking. To date that has resulted in me:

1. Almost falling down a staircase to a subway
2. Almost stumbling into an open construction pit
3. Almost being hit by 3 cabs
4. Almost knocking over Sarah Jessica Parker

Notice how they were all "almost".


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