Monday, August 17, 2009

You vs. Flu

Did you know that Swine Flu is still out there? Every once in a while, a news report comes out, letting us know that people are still being infected, and that there is future threat of further outbreak. Of course, on our 24-our news cycle, these things often get pushed to the backburner thanks to crazies at Town Halls who think it's a good idea to bring their sidearm to the street-side protest.

If you're like me, maybe you feel that you could have handled such a potential outbreak better.

Well now, thanks to computer technology and the wonder of Flash and scary, foreboding music, you can actually SEE how well you'd fair as the ruler of the entire world, in the face of a new outbreak.

A free online game that says "Oh yeah, hot shot? You think you'd do better at this? Let's see how you fare."

Go to the web site, select your potential outbreak, and start planning. Do you establish an early warning system? That'll cost you one hundred million. Maybe you want to alert the citizenry, that will drain you five million. Don't overspend, though, because The Great Flu must be fought on a global scale with only 2 billion dollars.

And, as you spend and save and execute, you hear news of infections and deaths. Maybe it's time to quarantine? Or shut down the airports and schools? It'll cost you, and the clock is ticking.

Did I mention the foreboding, horrifying music? The addition of a constantly dripping, nondescript substance makes it seem like you're trying to save the world inside of a dark and leaky basement of some government building. There's also the occasional, far off scream of some woman. Just to really hit it all home.

I just quarantined victims and was treated to a video of widespread chaos. While writing that sentence, the first death as a result of "Gamers Flu" has been established. Good God I'm no good at this.

I'm going to have to really give this thing a shot when I get out of work. The world will have to be saved later. Maybe you have the time now? Don't waste it. The world depends on your pandemic pounding prowess.


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