Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beyonce's Getting Sued?

Now here's a battle I never saw coming (seriously.) Looks like Abercrombie and Fitch, the purveyor of the same overpriced faux-vintage t-shirts they've been selling since 1992, is going toe-to-toe with Ms. Beyonce Knowles over a single word.

And that word is Fierce.
Abercrombie & Fitch Co. has sued singer Beyonce Knowles, saying her plan for a fragrance named after her alter ego Sasha Fierce violates the teen clothing retailer's trademark.

The chain, which has sold a men's fragrance called Fierce since 2002, wants a court to order Knowles to abandon the plan. Abercrombie has held a trademark for the word "fierce" since 2003, according to the lawsuit it filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

Fierce is the scent dispersed by employees and machines in Abercrombie stores with the goal of infusing all the apparel they sell.

Word on the street is that Abercrombie is afraid that Beyonce's scent will confuse consumers. I sincerely doubt that any guy will look at a bottle of perfume featuring the Single Lady's likeness, and mistake it for 7-year-old cologne sold at and pumped into Abercrombie. Also, does Abercrombie even sell their fragrance outside of their stores?

It's trivial copyright claims such as this that drive a splintered, wooden stake into my scrotum. You can't own the word Fierce. Also, Fierce is a very gay gay gay word. If anyone owns it, it would be very gay men and potentially drag queens. And they wouldn't sue Beyonce over it because they all perform her dances.

What Abercrombie-buying guy in his right mind (besides, you know, a gay man) would proudly wear a scent that he then has to call "Fierce" to his buddies, before they play touch football shirtless and then daisy chain fuck each other in the showers afterwards?

Let it go, Abercrombie. You and Beyonce can share the word fierce. Play nice.



  1. I've heard they've been losing market share the last couple of years. Guess they figured they needed the publicity.

    the scent dispersed by employees and machines
    Kinda like the stuff they put in the McDonald's fries that make them addictive?

    And finally, I bought a bottle of Fierce in college and LOVED it. But by the time I'd finished it, they'd doubled the price. I quickly found a new scent.

  2. Damn that's a shazzamity hot mess! Fierce! LMAO!