Monday, September 14, 2009

Logo Breaks My Heart with its Top 50 Gay Movies List

Today Logo weighed in on what they think are the best 50 gay movies of all time. I was doubly stung within the first ten mentioned.

For one, number 8 is Were the World Mine, which I maintain is one of the worst movies I have seen in my life. I understand it was made on a shoestring; I get that. But guess what? Words are free. They should have spent some more time with the ridiculous storyline and trite dialogue. If you're going to rape Shakespeare, at least say some smart things while you're doing it.

For two, it beat out one of my favorite gay movies of all time, Trick. Maybe Trick is one of my faves because it was one of my firsts. And yes, it did lead me on a rocky road (mmmm rocky road) to find my own love-at-first-sight go-go boy... which went down in flames. But still, I think the story is sweet, modern, doesn't shy away from the sexuality of gay culture, and yet still finds a place for love, Tori Spelling, and cheese fries.

Other than that, I now have a few more must-see movies on my list. Namely the other top 10. I don't have enough time to watch 50 movies, but I can at least invest the handful of hours to see the few in the Top 10 that I didn't see.


  1. And there are so many great movies further down the list! Don't stop with just the top-ten, some of them aren't even worth watching compared to:
    Philadelphia(22), Birdcage(24), Boys in the Band(32), Rent(47), My Own Private Idaho(46, Shortbus(31), Rocky Horror(36), Torch Song Trilogy(13), Angels in America(16), ...

  2. This list just doesn't do us justice. "Brokeback Mountain" #1?? Yeah yeah while it did win the Oscar for 'Best Adapted Screenplay' I definitely feel it should've scored lower on the list. I mean "Angels in America" at #16?! Ya got to be kidding me. It's a freaking epic! That's just downright ludicrous. But HAHA! "Were the World Mine" at #8 made me pee my pants. That actually was on Logo the other day and I just laughed myself to pieces. LMAO!