Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jeremy: The Trouble with T.V.

My Name is Jeremy

I am a recovering TV addict - for serious.

Years ago, I DVR'd (cause I was too cheap to pay for TiVo) EVERYTHING. I was obsessed with the lives of Dorothy Zbornak, Will Truman, Meredith Grey, Betty Suarez, Sally Field and her family, Joan of Arcadia (don't judge), Sydney Bristow, Det. Brenda Lee Johnson...the list could go on and on not to mention the NUMEROUS reality TV shows

I moved in with somebody (non-romanticaly) whose TV interest didn't match mine, got busy and slowly but surely TV faded away as a priority.

Yesterday I was working from home and decided since I could I would watch 'Nurse Jackie'. I find this show engaging and normally not a Edie Falco fan - she's kinda amazing (better though I think is Anna Deavere-Smith and amazing to look at is Haaz Sleiman)...but I digress. After watching 3 episodes I didn't want to overdose, I decided to watch some of what my NEW roomates had taped.

Modern Family, Glee, Grey's Anatomy... 3 shows I've been told by numerous people I MUST watch, so I did.

My problem I found at the end of these shows is I really didn't care about anyone. It all seemed so contrived and surface. I could go on but this entry is LONG enough.

What do you watch? Is it worth the time investment? Do you have an emotional reaction?


  1. I'm watching Golden Girls as I type this.

  2. I used to be a total TV addict. I watched way more than anyone ever should. Than when I finally moved out of my mothers house (at age 23) I decided that with a new mortgage and all the utilities in my name I should save money by not having cabal. Than this year when tv did the big digital conversion I was pissed that the government was mandating that I either buy a new piece of equipment or a new TV to be a lazy ass. So I boycotted it, and decided to give up the three channels that I got with rabbit ears. Now I don’t even miss it. I still rent movies and watch them at home, but other than that I don’t miss it. Unless everyone around me is talking about all the shows they are watching in which case I feel left out. I read a ton more now. But I do love it when my friends and family with cabal go out of town and have me watch their dogs. Than I park it on their sofa all weekend and watch the idiot box the whole time. I love it when my sister leaves town, she has a hot tub too.

  3. I don't have a TV (threw it away 3 years ago because it was taking up precious room that could have gone to my art supplies) but I do watch LOST religiously (online). That, and America's Funniest Videos, because I love watching people do stupid shit.

  4. I totally agree that there really isn't any character development in a lot of the current shows. I must admit though that Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters are currently my two favorite shows.