Thursday, October 22, 2009

Justin: Gay Marriage Opponents Just Got an Anthem

Yesterday I talked about Grocery Store Musical, a funny song that could bring happiness to many. Today I have a different "song" for all of you. One that's certainly got me riled up.

I don't know who Charlie Check'm is, but he needs to shut his fucking mouth and maybe hire a web programmer. I won't say much else. I will say this: he's got a new rap beat out. It's called "No Gay Marriage." It's on an upcoming album of his (available on YouTube!) called Straight Pride.

You don't like it? Maybe you should let others know. Or maybe some funny gays could spoof a "Yes Gay Marriage" YouTube video. I'm looking at you, FIP boys.

Hearing songs like this make me yearn for the days of Heal the World and Man in the Mirror.

No gay marriage? Really? Don't you have anything better to sing about? Oh, wait, you've written dumber numbers like "Dyke Chick", "Controlled by the Pussy," and "Americans are Overweight."

So maybe you have run out of stupid things to write about.

Listen to No Gay Marriage now


  1. Wow. This guy is so obsessed with gay people, it's like he wants it up the ass.

  2. He's obvi doing this controversial rap to gain exposure. Let's not give him any more press.