Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mark: At Hand Theater

It has been so exciting to work with At Hand Theater, which strives to give both emerging (ME!!!) and established (Mr. Anton Dudley, for instance) playwrights the chance to find the voice of their play without being concerned about production values. Their artistic staff helps the playwright find his or her play and focus on the storytelling of the work.

What is most unique about At Hand is that their productions are created using environmentally conscious means, with limited materials. The impact theatre leaves on our carbon footprint is pretty insane and this company feels that waste is not a “necessary evil” for producing quality theatre.

Rather than building an entire set and creating several elaborate costumes for each production, they explore simple, creative solutions that are cost effective, eco-friendly and engage the imagination of the audience. Check out their information about Being a GREEN theater.

For LILA CANTE, the process of stripping down the play to its bare essentials of storytelling allows our audiences to be closer and more connected/engaged to the story we are telling. The result? Less sitting back in your seat with your arms folded and more leaning forward. I love that position :-)!!!

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