Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Tower of Babel

I've been waffling all day about what to write about and then just said - WRITE.

So, I have two stories:

1.) When my throuple and I were living together, we decided to watch the movie 'Babel'. Somehow or other the subtitles got turned off and we watched half the movie, in other languages before going to bed. The entire time, we were in awe at the genius of the movie that we could still understand the action & what was going on through the language barrier...we were slightly dismayed and relieved the next day to find that indeed the subtitles were in the movie.

2.) I work with two people who are immigrants to this country. Raymond from China and Gina from Ecuador. Both are some of the nicest people I have met, but they have trouble with English. In an effort to educate myself and maybe to help them I've asked them to teach me some simple phrases in their native languages so that we can converse.

Raymond has taught me how to count to ten, say hello & good night, thank you & your welcome - and the wonderful phrase: 'I am very busy' - all in Mandarin

Gina has rekindled my limited knowledge in Spanish and forces me (in the best way) to practice greeting her & asking how she is .

This morning after a rousing 'Como Estas'? from me - Gina walked in my office and said, with a huge grin: VERY FINE - THANK YOU!

I smiled wide, which transcended language.


  1. Truly, you are the Glenn Beck of blogs. I say this because you both share a fondness for presenting well-known ideas as revelations, while neglecting greater context. It is difficult to say if Babel fits into the category of great film, but film is meant to be understood without dialogue, language is just extra (added for the average viewer who does not understand cinema).

  2. Truly the greatest thing I read to day...
    "I smiled wide, which transcended language."
    My top hat goes off to you.