Friday, November 13, 2009

Al: Gaia Walks Into a Bar and Gets Deposed

Well, it seems we are approaching the homestretch, and I only eviscerated one lowly commenter (See comment section of my Sarah Palin post). Thank god it’s Friday the 13th! It is likely that my apotheosis is forthcoming, so I figured it would be fun to detail secular deification.

Individuals cannot transcend realities. This is true because we are beholden to certain physical laws; these laws are inextricably linked to established societal norms. Often, the mind makes the most injurious men seem important. The origin of this irrationality is a result of man demanding and constructing the organized society. For 25,000 years, people worshiped Gaia (mother earth), in contrast, male entities have only been worshiped a tenth of that time. It was believed that the uterus was the cosmic universe, so women were worshiped, and men were set on fire. In around 6000 BC — in the area now referred to as Kenya (Obama!), men overthrew the women with rape and murder. Hence, phalluses became the symbol of power.

Structure and function is a construction of man. Our symbol-making capacity is dependent on our ability to organize ourselves in subtle ways. In the beginning, our separation was grounded in the division of labor. Naturally, as society progressed, more symbols were created. This is the source of divinity, the point where man looked to god. It was an exasperating search, one that has yet to conclude. And throughout history, many claimed to be divine through force. Our militantism is what organized labor, so this translated to the battlefield. It is action and result.

Unquestionably, the industrial revolution brought a new age. Ordinary men could no longer flock to a battlefield for power, given that the division of labor was forever changed. Since labor is more static than ever, supremacy can only be attained through coercion, no military needed. If one can reorganize society, it can be positioned to collapse. The bible is clear when it details the dangers of worshiping the false idol. Without question, our primal roots are attached to the idea of finding god; we must accept that the kingdom of heaven is within us, and not in the sky (as stated in the good book).

In nature, a wild animal is only as good as its ability to function amongst its surroundings. For example, prides constantly change leaders; it is a matter of utility. If a lion cannot secure the pride, it does not have purpose. Foolishly, many assume that instinct is what drives life, when it is rationality that allows us to survive. Our leaders have tasks, not supernatural appointments. There is only one god.

The eternal soul is not an extension of ill thought actions. But, man can redeem himself in death, as the totality of our actions can become lore (thus, serving as a paradigm of behavior). Man is guaranteed to be a legend if he refuses to be common. This can only be accomplished if both mind and body are free.

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