Monday, October 25, 2010


Apparently the average Facebook user has 150 friends. I read that this morning. I'm going to go ahead and say that "average" means "not gay, in New York City, or under the age of 50" because I'm pretty sure that most people I know have just shy of 1,000 friends. I myself have 3,000 friends (I actually know probably 15-20% of those friends, but that's nightlife biz, folks!)

Now, some people are very defensive of their friends list. I've seen angry Twitter and Facebook status messages cursing the fact that their friend and follower lists have dropped a tick or two. Who left? Why did they leave? Clearly they're a cantankerous asshole who deserves anus cancer and a few family deaths. Unless, of course, they come back into the friend and follower fold in which case, could they please re-send their phone number because I dropped my phone in a toilet this Saturday.

I cannot keep track of my constantly fluctuating friends and followers. I swear the number goes up and down every hour - either because Facebook is fucking with me, or because I am actually gaining and losing friends at the same rate that someone is diagnosed with liver cancer in America. So I've basically given up. Since I only know 20% of my friends in real life, I understand if I lose some of the others - I post a lot of content, I invite people to a lot of things. I can be hella annoying like that. Call me divisive. Some people love my ADHD posting habits, the funny videos I add, etc. Others hate it. That's fine.

But the rest of you: do you wonder where your friends have gone? While Facebook tells you when a friend has added you, it keeps suspiciously silent when someone flees the coop. Until now.

Meet UnFriend Finder. It's a simple script for your browser that lets you know who unfriended you and when. I haven't used it, but it's been generating a lot of buzz, and has over 10 million users. Which is in itself a vote of confidence, no?

So go forth, friends (assuming you are still friends). Install and keep track of that Facebook friend flow. And then let me know if it's as useful as everyone says it is.

Download UnFriend Finder Now

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