Friday, October 22, 2010

DROID DOES: Hot Gay Man Sex

Well looky here. It seems like the mobile arms (and dicks) race has just gotten a bit hotter.

Manhunt has launched an Android app!

And I'm going to go ahead and say this announcement will be a direct donkey punch to Grindr, possibly screwing its chances for top-like dominance on the Android platform.

Let me explain:

1. Naked! Apple's infamous puritanical rules have basically forced Grindr users to censor their naughty bits and allows them to post only photos of themselves in full robes (with hoods ON!) Android, meanwhile, is a Wild Wild West of unpoliced apps. Naked photos are included in Epicurious' app next to recipe photos, just because they're allowed to do so. As people's ATT contracts begin to expire, they may choose to hop over to Android just so they can start showing off their bubble butts again.

2. Penetration (tee-hee!) Everyone knows that the Android OS is gracing the greasy screens of more handsets than Apple's iOS. Now, gays are trendy and tend to buy iPhones because fancy-pretty is better than better-worky. But if we go back to the first point, it might be argument enough for a switch to a Droid or HTC Android device.

3. Manhunt Came First: With Grindr focusing on Apple and the iPhone, they left Android bare and empty. They still haven't gotten an app up. With Manhunt's brand, and monogamous presence, it's sure to get a huge lead in downloads.

BUT there is one big difference that might help Grindr out when they DO come to Android:

1. Money Shot: Manhunt costs money - monthly membership-type money. Grindr does not. Will Android users be willing to fork over a monthly fee for the privilege of meeting a guy who lives three floors above them in their highrise? Maybe. But Manhunt should be careful.

Because this announcement may light a fire under Grindr's bottom, pushing them to launch on Android in the next few months. If they do this, keep the app and membership free, and offer all the cock 'n' butt shots that Apple users can only dream of... well... this might not be as much of a smackdown as I am thinking.

Either way, congrats to all of my Android-using gay horny brethren. As a taken man, I would feel guilty just for downloading the app. So I'll leave it to you: how does it function? Is it everything you ever dreamed of?


  1. Scruff is also already on Android with a beta and the full released is expected soon!