Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ke$ha Premieres "We R Who We R"

Well isn't this anti-climactic? Ke$ha's anthem for the freaks, "We R Who We R" has finally earned itself a music video and... it's pretty crappy?

Seriously! It's like, part 2 Fast 2 Furious, part Fight Club, part The Warriors, and part drunken Wonder Woman's suicide. There's also a Plenty of Fish reference, which I think was stolen directly from Lady Gaga. There is nothing good about this music video besides the song it was made for.

I'm not even going to get into how Ke$ha LOOKS (which is something like Batman's Joker, if he underwent a sex change). Oh, and Ke$ha? Just in case you weren't paying attention, your own lyric is "we've got Jesus on our necklaces (es, es, es, es)" not "I've got a fuck huge Jesus-less golden cross on one of my ears (ears-ears-ears).

Unfortunate, as I'm a HUGE fan of this song. Tsk tsk, Ke$ha. Time to hire a new director. Or, actually, maybe it's just time to hire a director. Personally, I think Ryan James Yezak's ultra-gay and naked version of the video was far better. Maybe you should call him?

I think Towleroad put it best when they said: "Like a Lady Gaga video without the plot, a Madonna video without the sexuality, and a viral video made by a bunch of gay twinks without the production values..."

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  1. I like her looks in this vid. Much better than her writing (a fun song, but poor word choice). An actual plot or direction could have helped... just like all her videos.

    The worst thing for me: the product placement. If I were that liquor company, I'd be pissed!